Yeti Casino Review

In many ways things are being digitalized and stored online. Also activities are more and more turning into online events. Online gambling is also growing steady to a huge way for people to spend time. Since some years it`s possible to enjoy games and gambling in online casinos. This has some nice advantages in comparison to the traditional casino we all know. There is pretty much no waiting line in online casinos. You only have to wait for the website to start up and then you`re ready to play.

A lot of table games, video slots and other games are online for you to discover. Maybe you can even earn some money playing fun games. Another great outcome of the online casino is that you as a player can play whenever you want to play. When you`re at home hanging around on the couch or when you`re on your way to work. As long as you have a working internet connection you can have fun at an online casino. Now we`re going to talk about one specific online casino called Yeti Casino. We`ll discuss what kind of good or bad features this website have.

Extra information

The Yeti Casino is quite new and has some nice options for new players. First of all the casino provides a nice welcome bonus. The bonus consists of 23 free spins and a maximum of €333 bonus. This is already a nice start for new players. The free spins can be used in the games Starburst of Joker Pro. These games are very popular amongst online gamblers. Once you have registered to the Yeti Casino you get even more bonuses. Once you have made your first deposit you`ll get an extra 77 spins you can use these spins at the same games as before.

When you make your first deposit you`ll get a 100% bonus on top of that. This means that the casino will double your first deposit. This deposit has a limit to €333 so your maximum amount of money will be €666. The game offer that the Yeti Casino has is decent. They have all the games a good casino should have. Also they have a nice Live casino with the games blackjack and roulette. Especially the roulette version is very enjoyable. Another important thing is that the Yeti Casino is a reliable gaming platform. This casino has permits from Malta and the UK and those are the strictest countries to get permits from.