Roulette Variations

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For years and years people have played games to entertain themselves and others. After a lot of developments in gaming and gambling the casino has been around for quite some years now. This phenomenon is a place where people meet to play games for money. This can be card games, roulette, electronic slot machines and many other things. There has been a recent development that has lured players to play games on the internet. Since some years people from all over the world can come together to play games on the internet.

Online casinos are the new trend and it`s becoming more popular every day. There are a lot of advantages of playing in an online casino in comparison to an offline casino. Players don`t have to play during the opening time of a casino. That`s the case because the online casino is open 24 hours a day. Another asset is the absence of waiting time. Once you have a good internet connection, you can immediately play your favorite games. You don`t even have to get up from your couch to win money and play an exciting game of roulette.

Extra information

The classic game roulette has some different variations. The game is pretty much the same but there are some small differences. The most popular version of roulette is European Roulette. This is a really popular version because the house has a 2,63% edge. So the people who play European roulette have a pretty big chance of winning money. There are 37 numbers and only one 0 in this kind of roulette. With American roulette the house has a 5,26% edge. This means that the chances of winning money are slimmer than with European Roulette.

American Roulette and European Roulette are very much alike, but the American version has an extra number 00. Despite the higher house edge, American roulette is very popular. Another roulette variation is French Roulette. Roulette was originally a game that was created in France. With this game there is a house edge of 1,32%. This low edge is the reason that there are not a lot of casinos who offer this version to their players. But if you have a chance to play this kind of roulette, it`s definitely worth trying.

Mini Roulette is a different kind of roulette. With Mini Roulette there is a smaller game offered for players. Only 13 numbers are available and the house edge is 7,69%. Last but not least is Roulette Royal. This game is the same as European Roulette, except Royal also has a progressive jackpot. If you get the same number in a row, you win this jackpot. This is obviously very difficult to achieve and that is why the jackpot is large.